Soul Candi Records Candi Roots, Vol. 3


Soul Candi Records Candi Roots, Vol. 3 Download Zip

Candi Roots, Vol. 3 by Soul Candi Records.  From the abode of the Soul Candi Records comes this 2013 Afro House Throwback project called Candi Roots, Volume 3.

Track list below


Soundquest – Apple of My Eye (feat. Zano)
Soundquest & M2 – I’m Proud of This (Soundquest Percussive Mix) (feat. Mr Dex)
Soundquest – Apocalyptic Love (Vocal Spectrum Mix) (feat. Kholi)
Soundquest – Spiritual Desire
Soundquest – Hold On to Love (M2 Kasi Dub) (feat. Clint Brink)
Soundquest – 2 Sides of the Story (feat. Musicafella)
Soundquest – Effortless Love (Percussive Mix) (feat. Ybe)
Soundquest – Walking With (Original Mix)
Soundquest – The DJ Diary (feat. Antonio David Lyons)
Soundquest & Kabomo – Change Your Ways (Jose Carretas Remix)
Soul Fortune – Touch (Magic Soul Imperial Mix) (feat. Angelina)
Magic Soul – Give Me More (Main Mix) (feat. Sol Peane)
Soul Fortune – Moments (feat. Magic Soul)
Magic Soul & Mr O – Leiko (feat. Veronica Cho)
Distant People – June (Magic Soul Nu Spirit Mix) (feat. Sofia Rubina)
Punk – I Can’t Wait (feat. Magic Soul)
Magic Soul – Secrets of My Heart (feat. Sol Peane)
Magic Soul – Take Love Higher (feat. Lethu)
Magic Soul – Let It Go (feat. Lady Belcuta)
Vincemo – The Morning After (feat. Angelina Royal)
Vincemo – Hero (Hang Session Candi Mix) (feat. Mo T)
Vincemo – To Win My Heart (feat. Patricia Edwards)
DJ Game – Destiny (Vincemo Hang Sessions Mix) (feat. Happy)
Vincemo – I Go (Round the World) (feat. Crimson Blu)
Vincemo – Love We Shared (feat. Tantra Zawadi & Dana Byrd)
Vincemo – Freedom (Hang Deep Sessions Mix) (feat. Luyanda)
Vincemo – I Am
Vincemo – Too Cute to Dance (The Bag Main Mix) (feat. Crimson Blu)

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